Mental and Emotional Skills Development

“Building Your Personal Map to Success” 

This unique service is extremely powerful, it is the product of all the expertise, knowledge and practical experience built up over my elite sporting lifetime. I believe it is the missing link within many sporting programs. 

Developing independent thinking sports people that have clarity on what they need to do for themselves and for their team to achieve success is very powerful, added this to an enhanced ability to regulate their mental and emotional state especially during high pressure situations within preparation and performance becomes the key to high performance.

It is a mistake to assume temperament is a fixed aspect of someone’s character. Temperament can be trained like any other skill by implementing my unique processes and structures.

Workshops & Seminars

“Knowledge is only powerful if you choose to share it”

Carl is a dynamic highly knowledgeable motivational speaker, offering sports trainers, coaches, athletes and high achievers a unique insight into the systems and processes required to build High Performance programs and team cultures in a number of formats,

Presentations (1-3 hours), Workshops (1 day) &Seminars (2 Days).  

Carl utilizes a mix of informative, inspirational presentations as well as high energy practical elements that creates positive change, improving lives, performance and productivity


On line Athletic Development Programs

“Supporting all young athletes”

My on line athletic development programs is a unique opportunity for all young athletes and coaches around Australia and the World to gain access to an elite physical development program produced by a master coach, fast tracking potential.

Elite Sport Team Consultancies

“Adding 25 years of high performance experience and expertise to your program”

This service is only available to a select few clients that offer an opportunity for me to make the most significant change. My deep understanding of the systems and processed required to build winning cultures and my selfless approach to mentoring and coaching is a valuable asset to any high performance organisation.

Team Consultancy (1)

Leadership & Teamwork Activities

“Improving emotional resilience”

Utilizing the great outdoors to implement a challenging and inspirational environment for positive change. Activities to improve communication skills, problem solving and ultimately the ability to thrive under internal and external pressure. Improved emotional resilience within your team will improve your productivity and enhance your chances of success in life sport and business.

Franchising, Super 6 High Performance Micro Gyms & Coach Education

“Leave your Legacy, Make a Difference”

Carl Jennings is looking for talented highly driven Strength & Conditioning Coaches & Trainers that are passionate about making a positive difference to young people’s lives while building their own sustainable business in their local area.  Set up your very own Super 6 High Performance Micro Gym and begin your Coach Education to deliver our elite program. Leave your legacy within the youth of today and become rewarded in more ways than one.


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