Giving Every Young Athlete A Sporting Chance To Fulfill Their Potential…

Elite Athletic Development

Our point of difference is that our elite physical development program is available to all young athletes not just a select few within regular elite sport  programs.

Our unique services ensure that all young athletes receive the very best physical training support and advice, giving them the best opportunity to fulfil their sporting potential.

We offer a program that suites athletes of all abilities 9 years and above. We pride ourselves in creating a safe, positive and nurturing environment that fast tracks development. 

The Super 6 Athletic Development program includes:
Full Physical Assessment

Sport Specific training Program (Strength – Speed – Endurance – Power – Emotional Resilience).

Gym Based & Field Based Activities.

Sport Science integration to track performances, bringing accuracy to the program.

Individualized home program available on request.

A range of training times throughout the whole year to suit your other sporting commitments.

A range of training pack options to suit all training schedules and budgets.

Elite Driver Development Program 

We recognize that the most important element of a racing car is the driver. Our elite driver development program ensures every young aspiring driver has the best opportunity to fulfill their potential.

Our unique elite driver curriculum focuses on developing the whole athlete by combining high performance physical training with training and support for mental, emotional and cognitive development.


We believe it is critical to take a holistic approach to elite driver development, by implementing a curriculum that focusses on physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development of our drivers.


It is crucial that all preparation, performance and recovery processes should consider the mental, cognitive, and emotional development of each individual driver within our program.


Our world class driver simulator utilizes cutting edge leading hardware and software backed up with elite coaching to enable young drivers to hone their technique in a cost effective safe and high performance environment.


Along with the physical, technical and tactical development, racing drivers require highly developed decision making, concentration and focus abilities. We integrate this essential aspect of development within our curriculum utilizing our “Driver Brain Gym” a cutting edge sport science program utilizing world leading technology that enhances these required abilities.


A major objective of our elite driver development program is our holistic approach, something which is embedded directly within our Super 6 High Performance values and behaviours that we expect of our drivers and ourselves, which are Humility – Sacrifice – Loyalty – Mental Toughness –  Hard Work – Follow your Dreams that are built into our 4 stages of development, Learning to Train (LTT), Training to Train (TTT), Training to Compete (TTC) and Training to Win (TTW).

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